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We are a group of parents and friends who want to give Exceptional Young Adults (EYAs) the chance to have the quality of life and interaction that all young adults crave and deserve. Life is too short for anyone to sit at home and be lonely!

Our mission/vision is to provide for Special Needs Young adults ages 15 and above in Spartanburg and surrounding areas Social opportunities to attend, like their atypical siblings/school mates/peers...but it is not just for the Young Adults – but for their parents/guardians as well to interact and observe the fun times and to get to know some of the other parents and young adults. We are on our fifth year ! Events consist of Dance/Karaoke, Movie Theatre, Talent Show, Home Depot and occassional Off-site events . Everyone, including parents and volunteers have a great time. Our group is parent/volunteer funded, but we would love to get businesses involved.

“Exceptional Young Adults” are teens and beyond (15 and up) that have what we see as exceptionalities that others may see as a disability.

Many chaperones at each event. Volunteers are required to fill out a participation/liability form. We have committee members who have attended a 30-minute Safe Sanctuary (SSI-safe sanctuary individuals) Class through New Beginnings United Methodist Church.  If you are interested in being a volunteer please contact us.

If you know an Exceptional Young Adult please share this with them so they too can become a part of the fun ..you can contact SEEYA by calling 864-472-8592 or emailing info@scseeya.com for details. This is great for self esteem as well as therapy for the soul.  Parents are recommended and encouraged to stay to watch young adults smile and blossom, as they should, also to get to know and share with other parents who may have “walked in your shoes”.

At this time fall/winter events will be held the 2nd Saturday of each month at New Beginnings United Methodist Church on Rainbow Lake Road, Boiling Springs, SC (on the right above Wal-Mart). Time will vary. 

In the spring our events are on the 2nd Friday  night of each month from 6-8. Special events and/or off-site events are held at different times.

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